About Us

PDCA has been resolved to recognize upcoming chess players and moulded them into world-class experts. To accomplish this, we unendingly give numerous competitions and promote chess across the district of Pune with total arranging and deliberate execution.

We trust that consistent exposure makes chess players pick up certainty, other than improving their expertise of the amusement. So as to encourage this, PDCA sort out Chess Championships in various classes like under 7, U-9, U-11, U-13, U-15, U-17, U-19 (open & girls) and numerous more consistently. This tosses huge open doors for many chess players.

Aims, Objects and Purposes of the P.D.C.A shall be:

  • To promote and develop the game of chess;
  • To affiliate and to become a constituent unit of the Central Maharashtra Chess Association and or of All India Chess Federation;
  • To maintain and control the game of chess in the Pune District particularly in accordance with the rules framed by and directives given by the C.M.C.A
  • To promote the formation of Local Chess Clubs and Taluka Associations;
  • To hold competitions for various chess trophies that may be in the possession of the Association;
  • To coordinate Inter Clubs / Taluka Association’s activities in respect of Chess, including the holding of tournaments and organizing Championship tournaments in the District;
  • To hold, arrange or encourage chess matches with other organizations over the Board or by correspondence or by any other means;
  • To organize composing and solving of chess problems;
  • To maintain a chess library and to encourage and undertake publication of chess Literature;
  • To encourage, advice, assist and coach chess players and referees and to organize coaching camps for these purposes;
  • To make and maintain a ranking list of players of chess;
  • To select teams and individuals to represent the P.D.C.A. at the various Divisional Championship tournaments;
  • To collect funds for any of the purposes of the P.D.C.A.;
  • To act as trustees of the funds, assets or properties of whatever kind settles or donated for the promotion or encouragement of the game of chess;
  • To hole and encourage or assist in the holding of tournaments;
  • To arrange or assist the holding of Lectures and demonstrations on chess;
  • To send or to assist in sending representatives or representative teams for participation in any chess tournament or meeting at any place in or outside the Pune District and abroad;
  • In furtherance of the aims, objects and purposes set forth above, to hold, purchase, sale, improve, manage, develop, alter, lease, mortgage, dispose off or otherwise to deal with all or any part of the assets and properties of the P.D.C.A. whether movable or immovable;
  • And generally to do all such other acts and things as may be incidental or conductive to the above aims, objects and purposes, or any of them.